Hikima Mahamuda to make a debut at Trends Runway show with ‘DIN-KPALIM’ collection

Rahama Zakaria | Sanatu Zambang

Ms Hikima is set to make her first debut in season two of the Trends Runway Show at Modern City Hotel in Tamale on Saturday, 5th  November 2022, at 8 pm. 

Hiky as she is called by her peers is very conscious about the environment and takes inspiration from the waste materials to make clothing.  She will be showcasing her latest collection, ‘DIN-KPALIM’ loosely translated as ‘what is left of it from waste smock fabrics taken at some selected smock weavers workshops. 

The Director of Prince Claus Fund; Marcus Tebogo Desando in our Suɣlo kimono from our Din-kpalim collection.

DIN-KPALIM collections for Hiky Muda clothing, also represent the new experiences she has had after moving to the city of Tamale two years ago. As someone who grew up always indoors, the move to Tamale showed her a different expective of life, meeting new people in the creative world, to attending exhibitions opened her to a new world of possibilities and rethink what fashion can be and what can be done.

Though Ms Hikima did not showcase her work last year, she still attended the event and was very impressed with how it was organised.  According to her, the venue, the stage and the event coordination were great. These details guided her to make enquiries about the next show and when she saw the open call for designers, she quickly came on board.

She believes there are lots of opportunities here for fashion designers and a lot of learning needs to be done to grow the industry.

Speaking on the fashion community in the Tamale, Ms Hikima said it does not exist. Though she was quick to add that there are many fashion designers in the city, they prefer to work alone. But she believes that the runway show can change the mentality here and unite the fashion community

According to her, the fashion show is another way for fashion designers in the region can get to know each other and form new communities to grow each other in the fashion space.


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