SmockyWorld Showroom |  “We want to become a leading fashion brand ” Getty Kasei Kunde-Kwallinjam

Story: Rahamatu-Lahi Zakaria | Producer, Breakfast Live Show

Fashion is how we express ourselves and also tell people who we are and what we want to be.  Fashion is like a passion for people. People have used their passion for fashion to start a business and that is the story of SmockyWorld.

Speaking to the founder of the fashion label during the opening of their new space in Tamale, the founder, Mrs Getty talks of how she and her team started the whole business of SmockyWorld with just a passion and love for fashion. 

Mrs Getty who is a lover of fashion got into the industry as someone who imports clothes from China and other countries to stock in her boutique and sells. During those days, the boutique business use to boom in Tamale because boutiques weren’t common in town.

But later when everyone started going into the boutique business, sales were dwindling and that is when her business folded up and she had to reinvent herself again by starting SmockyWorld. But this time around dealing only in smock fabrics and their accessories.

SmockyWorld business model is to stand out and bring something new, something fresh that everyone could love. For starters, Mrs Getty and her team only sold fabrics and did fashion consultancy for people during the early days when the smock was gaining popularity.

What SmockyWorld did at that time was advise people on the kind of style they should sew by looking at the kind of smock fabric and their body stature. They also guided people to buy the fabric using their skin tone.

In the start, they sold fabrics and gave clients free consultancy on fashion, SmockyWorld then decided to expand by adding to the list, ready-wear-apparel. 

SmockyWorld is a one-stop place to shop for every occasion. They have everyday wear, bridal dresses, bags, and other accessories to go with any look that you want to go with.

When asked what is the vision for SmockyWorld, this is what she had to say.

”We want it to become a go-to-smock brand, so that people will call smock, SmockyWorld”. 

Getty Kasei Kunde-Kwallinjam

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