Contemporary luxury brand ‘Trut’ to make a return to Trends Runway show

Rahama Zakaria | Sanatu Zambang

Baba Abdulla, creative director of Trut contemporary luxury brand has confirmed its participation in the second edition of the Trends Runway show in Tamale on 5th November 2022 at Modern City Hotel.

Baba who showcased his collection on the runway last year expressed his gratitude to the organiser saying it was his first time actually showcasing his designs on the runway. For him, it is a dream come true to have a model wear his clothes and strut the runway.

Speaking to Sanutu Zambang Studios, Baba Abdulla made a call for authorities in the region to take a keen interest in the development of the fashion industry. According to him, the fashion industry employs a great number of people and it also markets and promotes tourism in the region.

Last year, it was not just Tamale-based fashion designers who showcased their designs but other designers from Accra, and Kumasi and some were even outside of the country. This fashion show is opening up the city to new possibilities and partnerships for development and investment.

As someone who is defining his path in the fashion business, Baba Abdulla advises young and upcoming fashion designers to desist from making replica dresses of other creatives. According to him, this practice does not encourage creativity ” but you can take inspiration from other people’s designs”.

Baba has always been a fashion enthusiast since his childhood and his parents have been supportive of his career path. While still in senior high school, the fashion designer, used his holidays to do more practical work since school thought him more about theory.

For him, every day is a learning process and growing his knowledge in the fashion business for sustainability. One platform that has helped him grow and sell his works, he says is social media. Social media is an important tool for him in the business because he uses it to learn new designs and also market his creation.

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