#sanatuzambangHotspotLive | Most sound engineers feel proud- Flamez

Story By:  Rahamatu-Lahi Zakaria || Sanatu Zambang

One of the very best sound engineers we have in the north, Flamez has called on his fellow sound engineers to be go getters and put aside pride in the profession. Flamez said some sound engineers are feeling proud to approach musicians for a collaboration. He made this statement when he appeared on Sanatu Zambang Hotspot Live to talk about his recent work with D Black recentlt released album.

According to the Amaliya beat producer, there is nothing wrong with a sound engineer making the first move by contacting a musician to produce a song for him or her.

‘’Most engineers feel proud, there is nothing wrong hitting up a musician and saying charlei I get some beat give you. At the end of the day, every credit goes to you. You will be very happy that you made that move if it goes well. But if it does not go well, it is a lesson for you on how to push it in a different way the next time.’’

Comparing the slow growth of the northern music industry to the south, Flamez attributed it to money.  He reiterated the importance of money in music and why it is importance that, people invest in the industry. He said unlike the south were people invest heavily in the music and also there are other venues that the southern musicians are able to get money to make music. But with here, there is nothing like that. We do not have structures and people to push the industry forward.

Though he does not buy into the ways of Big Boys but he acknowledged their contributions into the northern music industry.

‘’Bog boys pushed money into the industry and it was good, it was happening here sometime back but now they do not do that and I don’t blame them.’’


Another people he said could have helped the northern music industry is the veteran musicians but he says they have pulled out from helping to make the industry a better one for the younger ones who look up to them

‘’Those who were supposed to do that are currently focus on their family thus the veteran musicians. They were suppose put things right because the current and upcoming musicians look up to them.  They are not doing it. They are concentrating on their family. The veteran musicians were supposed to come and put certain structures but they are not doing it. But you know, because there is no money. You cannot leave your family when they are hungry to come and help others.’’


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