Kawula to make first appearance at Trends Runway this November 5th

Fashion is a common language we use to express who we are and want to be. Fashion is what unifies us as one people with one common destiny.

Trends 2022 runway show slated for November is on the theme ”Fashion Beyond Boundaries”. This theme could not have come at a better time as the region is experiencing new art forms.

Fashion Beyond Boundaries is about preaching and forging relationships with other creatives in the arts sector in Tamale.

Kawula Klothing was initially called Juelz Klothing. Abdallah Towfiq the CEO and founder of Kawula Klothing narrated how Juelz became Kawula Klothing.

He said there was a time they printed T-shirts with an inscription Kawula-home is where the heart is and signed as Juelz Klothing, then a friend suggested the Kawula be used instead of the Juelz which was a foreign word, and that was how Kawula Klothing came about.

According to the CEO and founder of Kawula Klothing Abdallah Tawfiq, Art is as important as any other profession. He regretted the fact that Ghana’s education focuses on academia rather than the practical’s aspects of schools. He vetted his anger about instances sponsors give funds to be given to artisans but are given to the wrong people.

For a long time, the creative arts industry in the region has been segregated and music dominates the others. Creatives do not see the need to work with each other.

#TrendsRunwayShow under the theme ‘’Fashion Beyond Boundaries’’ will seek to spark conversations while allowing people to reflect, accept and celebrate the differences and unique talents of each sector of the creative arts industry in the region.

Abdallah Tawfiq said the combination of fashion with art came from the fact that Kawula Klothing has the mission of making artistic designs not seen in one place but everywhere or having a walking gallery. Kawula Klothing has a vision of going international. Kawula Klothing can be worn to parties, weddings, and any other ceremony or occasion.  

Abdallah Towfiq urges parents to support their wards in their interest rather than forcing them into what he or she does not like.

Art is like the Qu’ran, you need constant practice to be perfect. I’m a teacher at Pong Tamale Senior High School and also an entrepreneur.

My business @kawula_klodingh aims at fusing art with fashion designs. When people wear my clothes, they wear their identity and roots.

Abdallah Tawfik

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