Dagbani movies producers need to work on their storylines- Maccasio

Rahama Zakaria | Sanatu Zambang

In recent times, Dagbani movie producers have received backlash from movie watchers and critics for not producing quality and standard movies that can be compared to other movies made outside the region.

Maccasio is also joining the call for better movie production from the producers. Speaking during an interview with Sanatu Zambang to promote his upcoming album, ‘Glory’ the rapper said producers of Dagbanli movies needed to improve upon their storylines to get better movies that can be compared to other movies produced outside the region.

”Our Movie producers need to work on their storylines. The comedy is too much. I am not saying comedy is not good but it needs to improve so that we can also catch up with the others”. he said.

But he was also quick to acknowledge the difficulties involved in producing movies in this part of our world saying ‘ I understand the challenges they are going through because I am also in the arts sector and I know how expensive it is to produce creative work with no help from the appropriate quarters”. 


Maccasio who is no stranger to self-funding of his music projects bemoaned the lack of support in the arts industry by authorities and investors.  According to him, there are a lot of talents in the northern region who are yearning for support to grow but because the authorities in the region do not see the need to invest in the sector, many young people’s talents are going unrealised which is also contributing to youth unemployment in the region. 

”The challenges in the movie industry are the same as in the music industry. Authorities do not see the need to invest in us and people we consider to be rich here do not also see the need to use their money in growing the sector. Some even promise you and they failed you at the last minute. I understand the movie producers’ plight because I also find myself in the same space.”  


Still, on the topic, Maccasio reiterated the importance of the sector to the growth of the region and how arts can be used as a tool for advocacy in promoting peace and development. Maccasio believes that, if much attention is given to the sector, it would help curb unemployment among the youth and also uplift the image of the region. 

The region cannot boast of one movie theatre this Maccasio says is a big blow to the movie industry because it could have been another avenue for movie producers to recoup their money and reinvest into their work. This theatre he says can also be an avenue for the assembly to generate funds for development in the area.

”Because the assemblies do not see the relevance of the art sector, they are not ready to fund or even put certain structures in place to help grow the industry and the people”.  he said.

The rapper’s jack also appealed to movie producers to remake old movies that redefine generations of movie watchers and critics in the region.  While recollecting old movies, Maccasio said it would be a great pleasure to rewatch some of the movies he watch years ago in a better version.

The likes of Dabatha, Asadache, Sahari Gungo and the rest are good movies that he explained were produced at a time when technology was not there but had good storylines and a nostalgic feeling. So with improved technology, those movies will be great to watch again and it will bring people’s attention back to our locally produced movies.

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