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This week I’m spending time with digital trailblazers in the Savannah Region. In this journey, I learn and discover for myself the @ivalleyghana experience. When the winds began to blow away their carefully written dreams on the sand, they found access to a valley of opportunities

Perhaps the ability to stand steadfast in your faithfulness towards your life purpose regardless of the vivid cracks of obstacles is a blessing bestowed upon the chosen one and @nabeelrenzel is on the verge of completing this training.

Founded in 2019 to create a welcoming atmosphere for creativity and technology to grow in the newly created Savannah Region, iValley is a business development and innovation hub in the Savannah Region of Ghana, that offers disruptive digital skills training, business consultancy, and technical assistance to emerging entrepreneurs.

Ivalley runs several incubators and accelerator programs to assist businesses in preparing for growth and connecting them with venture capitalists and funding sources. The hub has collaborated with organizations such as the MasterCard Foundation, the World Bank, the Ministry of Communication and Digitalization, and Ghana Tech Lab to implement tech-based projects in the Savannah Region.

Ahead of their 3rd anniversary, Ivalley honoured, Madam Alijata Haruna, Gender Desk officer and Chief Tolodompewura Abdallah Ahmed, Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice, with citations for their continuous support and contribution to maintaining peace, empowering the youth and pushing for development in the Savannah region of Ghana.

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