Mr Ibu calls on leaders to support Dagbanli movie industry

Imoro Sherifa || Sanatu Zambang Newsroom ||

Resources are what is need to produce a good quality movie. The movie industry in some countries has employed millions of people including the youth. This employment has translated into the standard of living of the people and also increase the revenue net of the government to undertake developmental projects for its people.

Successive governments in the advanced world have effortlessly pump resources into the industry to grow it but that cannot be said about the dagbanli movie industry.

Speaking to Imoro Sherifa of Sanatu Zambang, Adam Maftaw, known by his showbiz name as Mr. Ibu has admitted that the movie industry has a lot of challenges and urge leaders, philanthropist and industry players to up their game and make the movie industry attractive to the populace in order for the industry to catch up with the rest of world with regards to the production of good quality movies.

He said there are great talents in the north who have the potentials. But due to the lack of support from leaders and philanthropists, the industry is lacking behind.

For this neglect on the part of the authority in the region, Mr. Ibu is calling on the leaders to come to the aid of filmmakers in the region financially.

This he believes will change the narrative of the dagbanli movies industry and it will also play a role in reducing the unemployment rate in the region.

He also appealed to people with information and technology knowledge to help them in the use of social media in marketing of their business by helping filmmakers put their movies on this social networking site to promote and also make money out of their sweat.

Mr. Ibu says if the general public wants to help them, they should stop the illegal downloads of their movie but rather, they should buy copies so as to help the industry grow

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