‘Appreciate the effort of dagbanli movie producers’ sakora

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Hasana Sulemana || Sanatu Zambang Newsroom ||

The Local movie industry in the Northern Region in the past and present have always had its ups and downs. Dagbanli movie as it’s called began in the early ’90s as narrated by many actors. The industry by then produced movies to be shown in cinema houses for free.

Currently, movies are either in the form of DVDs, CDs or in pen drives for people to watch and even for sale not like those days that they were in “Bible disk” as it was called. Afa Digital, BBC and Zakvilla were those at that time producing the Dagbanli movies.

Mr. Osmanu Wahab (Sakora) who is a popular actor and a scriptwriter, as at that time was a cinema operator in Cantamanto in those days. He realized that he stays in the South and many who were there as well were dagombas.

He took it upon himself to always come up North for the local movies and that was how the industry started to earn something.

Speaking to Hasana of Sanatu Zambang, Sakora urges the general public to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts by the dagbanli movie producers and to abstain from the bad critics about the industry.

Most people talk more about the bad aspect of the movie industry but do not talk about the struggles they go through to produce them.

According to Sakora, they faced a lot of challenges and one of them is money. He says there are times they had to halt the filming of a movie because they run out of money to continue the filming.

Sakora also lamented the fact that the industry is lacking financial support. He says there are times that the industry even needs a house to film a scene but will not get one just because, most people do not see the need to give out. Many also do not appreciate the local movies, they prefer foreign movies.

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