Hiky Muda to debut her collection on Trends Runway Show this Nov 5th

For a long time, the creative arts industry in the region has been segregated and music dominates the others. Creatives do not see the need to work with each other.

#TrendsRunwayShow under the theme ‘’Fashion Beyond Boundaries’’ will seek to spark conversations while allowing people to reflect, accept and celebrate the differences and unique talents of each sector of the creative arts industry in the region.

Hiky ended her 2021 showcasing a ready-to-wear collection, which will include fashion waste materials to help reduce fashion pollution. Hikima who has a bachelor’s degree in Development Planning started sewing at age 7, but it did not materialize until after she finished school.

Hikima Mahamuda, came 2nd place this year #CreateCOP26 with support from UNESCO’s Regional Bureau for Sciences in Latin America and the Caribbean.⁠ ⁠#CreateCOP26 is dedicated to a generation mobilized and aware that they are inheriting a planet in peril.

“During my 1-year compulsory national service, I realized office is not my type. This made me take up clothing design fully.”


Fashion is a common language we use to express who we are and want to be. Fashion is what unifies us as one people with one common destiny.

Trends 2022 runway show slated for November is on the theme ”Fashion Beyond Boundaries”. This theme could not have come at a better time as the region is experiencing new art forms.

Fashion Beyond Boundaries is about preaching and forging relationships with other creatives in the arts sector in Tamale.

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