Abducted, raped, and beaten | “Born female”; A Swida Ghana Radio Drama Series

In a community a few kilometres away from the main district of Sheini Hills, a 19-year-old native of the community, Ziblim Shakira is abducted, raped, and beaten by an unidentified man or persons. A group of women returning to their communities after the close of the market day, chance upon her in the bush and then quickly rushed her to the chief palace.

Luckily Shakira survives, but could only mention the name of the rapist and then passes out. The news spread like wildfire and within a few minutes, angry residents in the community make their way to the chief palace.

The story and screenplay are written by Abdul Raafi Mohammed, the documentary film director and producer who doubles up as a creative consultant and will be directing the first episode of this radio drama series. He led the casting and table read with the cast members on Tuesday 20th April 2022.

Post Table Read Commentary

Rape can happen at any time and anywhere, if you read the script, the rapist choked Shakira by the neck, so perhaps she screamed or try to but no one heard her. There are instances where the victim screams and the rapist tells them they can scream all they want, no one will hear. –

Zulfawu (Cast Member)

The brother was lazy hence the reason why Shakira went to the farm that late and got raped and the father was gender-biased rendering the Mma Amina a passive contributor in their home.

Hamdia (Cast Member)

To say had it been Shakira’s brother who had gone for the wood, she would have been safe may seem to mean men don’t get raped. Men can get raped too!

Josiah (Cast Member)

A rapist is a man with ill manners, however naturally the brother was just lazy coupled with his father’s gender bias house chaos roles made him even lazier, had he followed his sister to the farm or even taken the responsibility to go, Shakira wouldn’t have gotten raped. The chief traditional punishment was good, at least the rapist’s children will grow up knowing their father ruined a young girl’s life and this will serve as a deterrent.

Jalil (Cast Member)

To say the dressing of Shakira triggered the rapist is just a no go area, He knew what he was doing, that’s why he even asked her if she was alone. Even in the context of religion you are not allowed to look at a woman to a point you lust and desire her let alone violate her, so there’s just no excuse for rape, born female means nowhere is safe for you.

Rose (Cast Member)

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