Review of the drama | “Born a Female” …nowhere is safe!

Yussif Hamida

The drama is special and was well displayed by the actors. I want to commend everyone who played one or two roles in coming up with it. I just realised from the drama that our mundane activities as parents put our kids at risk every day even when we least expect it.

The lessons learnt from this drama are as follows, This drama is a wake-up call to parents as well as community leaders to play active roles in nurturing children in the community. Also, as a girl, I’ve realised we are not safe anywhere.

The very people meant to protect us are out to get us. I want to encourage ladies not to leave their lives to chance. Ladies should be ready anytime and anywhere to protect themselves. In addition, The drama has thought me as a young lady to discuss issues when it comes to child-raising with my to be husband before even pushing kids out into this world. But then I have a few suggestions to add.

The chief in the drama is portrayed as someone who knows a lot about contemporary times by the way he handled the rape issue, I think he should’ve assembled the community members to talk about the archaic way of thinking when it comes to gender roles and punishments on sexual abuse by the law to instil some kind of fear in the perpetrators.

Also, the parents should’ve been made to face a penalty or at least express some remorse to show people that they had a hand in what happened to their daughter instead of everyone’s attention just being on the rapist. Many factors came into play for the rape to happen and the parents are definitely the root.

Abducted, raped, and beaten | “Born female”; A Swida Ghana Radio Drama Series

In a community a few kilometres away from the main district of Sheini Hills, a 19-year-old native of the community, Ziblim Shakira is abducted, raped, and beaten by an unidentified man or persons. A group of women returning to their communities after the close of the market day, chance upon her in the bush and then quickly rushed her to the chief palace.

Luckily Shakira survives, but could only mention the name of the rapist and then passes out. The news spread like wildfire and within a few minutes, angry residents in the community make their way to the chief palace.

The story and screenplay are written by Abdul Raafi Mohammed, the documentary film director and producer who doubles up as a creative consultant and will be directing the first episode of this radio drama series. He led the casting and table read with the cast members on Tuesday 20th April 2022.

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Abducted, raped, and beaten | “Born female”; A Swida Ghana Radio Drama Series

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