SWIDA 16 years Anniversary | Mentorship & Relationships

Story By:  Rahamatu-Lahi Zakaria || Sanatu Zambang

Savannah Women Integrated Development Agency (SWIDA-GH) celebrate 16 years of working with youth groups, impacting the lives of young people especially girls and also women in the agriculture sector to boost yield in the hope of giving these women financial freedom.

They have done these through advocacy, mentorship, training and collaborations. As part of the celebrations of their 16 years anniversary, Sanatu Zambang has produced a three parts Podcast series that feature change-makers in the region who have worked with SWIDA-GH, beneficiaries and partners to highlight their work and the relationship they have built over the years with SWIDA-GH and how they can foster that relationship in the pursuit of ending sexual and gender-based violence in our communities.

Hajia Alima Sagito saw me sitting at home after graduation, she asked me to come and pick up some skills to add up to my CV. With regards to the 16days of activism, we have been engaging community schools on SGBV through the He4She clubs. “


SWIDA-GH approach to achieving their thematic areas include building a relationship and mentoring the next generation of change-makers in the society. The goal is to have these young people continue the work and appreciate the importance of partnership in achieving the global goals of empowering women and girls as well as improving gender roles and responsibilities in the communities that they work. in this third instalment, the conversation is centred on the relationship that these young people have built with SWIDA-GH over the years. The relationship goes beyond just working partners to one that is family-based.

Serving as the women’s commissioner at UDS, I had a project to roll out and that was when I met Hajia Alima Sagito Executive Director of SWIDA GH. It was a collaborative project but she tasked me to take the lead whiles she guided me. I learnt a lot working with her. ”


“My relationship with Hajia Alima Sagito started as a working relationship and it has been going on well so far. At first, I didn’t know who she is, so when I met her, I was expecting a boss lady type of working relationship but hajia is so free to talk to. I have had two memorable moments with hajia since we met, I invited her to my wedding and I wasn’t expecting her to come, but she was there, with all her busy schedule and I’m truly grateful.

The second memorable one is her birthday, she invited me to her birthday, and I always take those things personally, if someone invites you to their birthday that means you are important. Anytime you see hajia she always smiles, and after a few exchanges of pleasantries we take a selfie for social media.” — Rashid Lancer

Rashid Lancer

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SWIDA 16 years Anniversary | Collaborations & Partnerships