SWIDA 16 years Anniversary | Collaborations & Partnerships

Story By:  Rahamatu-Lahi Zakaria || Sanatu Zambang

For SWIDA GH realizing a community free of sexual and gender-based violence as well as having women occupying leadership positions means partnership and collaborations with like-minded youth groups across the region. 16 years of existence, SWIDA-GH has worked with tens of youth groups in the region who share the same thematic areas within terms of empowering women economically and promoting their rights as well.

In this Podcast, these youth groups discuss how SWIDA-GH is redefining collaborations and partnerships. Collaborations and partnership that seeks to achieve the intended purpose and goal and also value the input of every member of the team irrespective of your contribution.

Savannah Women Integrated Development Agency (SWIDA-GH) celebrate 16 years of working with youth groups, impacting the lives of young people especially girls and also women in the agriculture sector to boost yield in the hope of giving these women financial freedom.

“I think it will be the only program we have had with her which is the personality focus. It was in that program I sometimes make joke about it that the former regional minister’s wife is checking up on me. You know Hajia Alima Sagito just sends me message, ‘hi, how are you doing. How are you guys holding up.’ You know it is just that concern, that level, with her busy schedule, Hajia is still everywhere. She post on Facebook, she is here. But to just check up. ‘It’s been long I have heard from these guys, let me check up on them. ‘ It is something you don’t see even if you are faking it. You will lose it but it is something in her.” — Atiumah Valerius

Atiumah Valerius

They have done these through advocacy, mentorship, training and collaborations. As part of the celebrations of their 16 years anniversary, Sanatu Zambang Studios has produced a three parts Podcast series that feature change-makers in the region who have worked with SWIDA-GH, beneficiaries and partners to highlight their work and the relationship they have built over the years with SWIDA-GH and how they can foster that relationship in the pursuit of ending sexual and gender-based violence in our communities.

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SWIDA 16 years Anniversary | Mentorship & Relationships

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