BreakFast Live S1E5 | Youth Mentorship in Northern Ghana | Where have we gone wrong.

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‘’What I am saying is that impact is relative. When we look at this youth mentorship programme. A number of the programmes that we have running this days are just organisations holding one day programme for two hours sessions that they bring mentors to come and engage children.

Either children or older. So it could be primary, senior high or various levels of children but with those ones, for one to be able to understand the level of impact, the person should have made a conscious effort. For instance, if you are an organization and you decide to hold a mentorship programme, first of all, you need to think of how we are going to access the impact of this programme. From experience, what we have done is.

Usually, you would have identified five to ten children from the children that you are going to be working with and do a pre-assessment of their knowledge around what the mentorship is going to be centred on. So once you are able to do that you document that and then after the programme even that, you can also access their expectations of what they hope to learn.

So with that at hand, after the programme, you can do a post-event assessment with the children. So that one alone tells you what has been the impact after the programme. So you are able to tell person A learnt this, person B learnt ABC and then some of them say I am going to do this with the knowledge that I have learnt.

As an organization that is really keen on knowing the impact you can go ahead to take the details and how to trace these children and follow them down the line either six months or one year to be able to tell exactly the impact. So the children can tell you when they came for the empowerment session what it has done for them’’. — DeLiman Ruka Yaro

‘’When you are mentoring someone what you need not do is letting your mentee to be follow follow. Mentor the person such that they become good thinkers.

They can think for themselves. They can even think beyond their options to shape themselves but if you sort of toe your mentorship such that do this, they come to you, this is the problem then you say do this.

Mostly it does not help them to become independent. They need to own whatever you are guiding them to. So at the end of the day, if you are mentoring someone, mentor them to become people who can think for themselves. ‘’ — Ruka Yaro DeLiman

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