BreakFast Live S1E3 | SWIDA GH ”End Child Marriage Now” Campaign with World Vision Ghana

We have to first look at the importance of girl child education, the perception that with or without education the girl child is still going to marry hijack the personal development of the girl child. When your girl child is educated, she’s able to take care of herself, their children and her family. When the girl child is equipped with education or vocational skills, she’s able to survive in her marital home. We have to change the way we raise our children, especially the girl child, else they will grow with eyes but can not see. These days the future is bright for children whose parents or guardians have foresight and vision.

#sanatuzambangbfl | Ayisha Gomda | Assistant Lecturer TaTu

Poor parenting is one of the leading causes of early marriages and teenage pregnancies in our communities. Most of the people giving out their underaged girls for marriages are not the real parents of these girls. They are usually guardians, no mother will just hand over her daughter for marriage without thinking of the wellbeing of her daughter. Parents should stop pressuring their girl child to be like others, nor look like others. Most parents see their girl child as a money business, they pressure them to go out for rich men, so they can come home with gifts and money.

#sanatuzambangbfl | @umulsalma | Social Activists |

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