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Created and Produced by Abdul Raafi Mohammed

The clique is back with the second episode of Sanatu Zambang Hotspot Live. Jamila, Prince Barack, Network, and Rahama this time around focused on the April editorial of Sanatu Zambang,’’ artiste of the decade’’.Which was led by Mumuni Yirifa Yunus, the programs manager for Radio Justice. 

All cohosts agreed on the artists that made up the lists. The only disagreement is the arrangement of the artiste, who should have come first or last.

 ‘’And if you look at Wiyaala background, she was in a group. She was in Vodafone icons. I have forgotten the name of the group. They even came out with single but it did not go well for them and they had to separate. Now, it is just her name that is all over. I cannot even remember the names of her band members. She has always been consistent since she burst into the limelight. She is not struggling to be everywhere like Adina and co but she makes sure that her name is still relevant in the industry.’’


‘’Content is relative. Content is who you are. For me, Lil K song does not touch me. He sings about love and I don’t care about love. Fancy Gadam sings about money and I care about money. Someone from my viewpoint will say Fancy Gadam songs make more sense than Lil K. Depending on who you are as an individual. So we cannot mark it content-wise. What we use is how far the song reached people. How many people subscribe to his way? And you yourself have said many people have subscribed to Fancy Gadam way even though Fancy Gadam is newer than Lil K and if you look at the industry right now, Lil K is part of the many more.’’

Prince Barak

‘’ if you look at Mama Rams music, she was not doing music for the moment. Now that is no more, when you take her music and play, it is still relevant in our current society.  Her music does not fade. She was not doing bad music. It is not because she is no more, mostly we celebrate those who are no more. This is not the case. If you look at her music. It is still there and it will continue to exist.’’


‘’ Fancy Gadam was here when Lil K travel and came back. Fancy Gadam was ruling and Lil K came back. Right now they are competing if we are going to speak honestly. I am not talking about fan base because if they are going to organized show, Fancy will have a bigger audience than Lil K  but when it comes to good music, Lil K is way ahead of Fancy Gadam.’’


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