Radio Grin Manager calls on academics to utilize blogs and radio in research

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General Manager of Radio Grin, Mr. Abdul-Hakim Zakaria has called on academics to develop the habit of getting their works published on online blogs and traditional radio.

Mr. Zakaria was giving his welcome address at the 1st Annual Scientific Discourse which was held on Monday at the Library Complex of UDS in Nyankpala. He said that the school has not involved Radio Grin in its activities that much which he thinks should change.

According to Mr. Zakaria, academics are doing so much, but it seems their works are buried in the academic field because they don’t release them onto blogs that can let them reach a wider audience outside the field of academia.

He cited the Campus 24/7 News blog as an example of having readers across over 108 countries. Mr. Zakaria said that radio and blogs could be an opportunity for researchers to translate their findings into ways that are understood by the layman.

“Of what benefit is research if the layman doesn’t understand it?” he asked.

The Radio Grin manager also lamented the inability of the government to make use of data collected by students of UDS in the course of their Third Trimester Field Practical Programme. According to him, all the problems in Ghana have been solved through research, but the inability to translate them into policy and then action, makes it look as if nothing has been done.

He also charged students to think outside the box especially final year students. Mr. Zakaria said final year students shouldn’t see their project works as just something to graduate, but should see it as a problem solving instrument.

According to him, project work can determine one’s next phase of life and so, they should rather think of how they can use it to contribute to development.

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