March 2021 Editorial Cover | Top 10 songs that missed the musical spotlight

Guest Editorial Lead: Prince Barak

Contributors: Networq Lagfu | Blezz Majeed | | Sulemana Hasana

Supervised by: Rahamatu-Lahi Zakaria

We have music that speaks to the soul, mind, heart and feet. Musicians release music hoping to appeal to any of these and depending on the composition, they make a hit song that takes over the airwaves and the streets. While other musicians’ songs do not even move beyond the production studios they recorded the song.

Notwithstanding that disappointment, they still release songs hoping to top charts. Even with well-established musicians who have released hit songs sometimes come out with song that should have trended but did not make any impact in the industry.  It is difficult to predict which songs release will make a hit or even say the ingredients that can help musicians make songs that trend.

Sanatu Zambang March editorial led by Prince Barack, an entertainment critic, and pundit in the northern region looked at songs released in Tamale that should have trended but failed to do so. 

1. Fancy Gadam – Dream

The dream album is the lead single from ‘’Dream Album’’ by the self-proclaimed king of Northern music, Fancy Gadam.  Prince Barack describes Gadam’s Dream album as his most successful album of all time. The song by all standards should have made it to the all-time hit songs in the north but surprisingly, the song is not popular in the singer’s own fan base or even fan favorite.

2. D Boy ft. Don Sigli – Pagnaa

Another beautiful song the industry slept on is Pagnaa by a Ukrainian based Ghanaian musician, D Boy. The song featured one of the best vocalist in the north, Don Sigli. At the time the song was released, both artistes were making waves. The content of the song is even good enough to make it popular beyond the Northern Region. 

3.  Abu Sadiq – African Map

When political rivals where on each other’s necks at the campaign season, veteran reggae artiste, Abu Sadiq released a song that was more or less an advice to voters as well as those seeking to lead us. African Map talks deep on colonialism, under development and corruption. The quality of the message and the composition of the song is enough to win Grammy for Ghana but unfortunately, the song is not even popular in the legend home region. One would have thought the song will become the voters’ anthem but that was not the case.  

4. Don Sigli – Help is coming

Help is coming was released by Don Sigli as a promotional single for his fifth studio album, Paɣli. The song is lyrical packed. The song disturb the airwaves for a week and went back to an isolation till now. At the time “Help is Coming” was released, the singer was the only artist trending in the region and looking at the time it was released, the world was and is still battling with a pandemic. The hope the song sends should have become an anthem for everyone, to restore the lost hope and give people something to hope for.

5. Reka, Amie, Diva one, Meimunatu Lardi, Etonam and AJ Sugar- Enough

To celebrate 2019 International Women’s Day, Norsaac together with Sanatu Zambang ensemble five female musicians to compose a song to create awareness on sexual and gender based violence within the showbiz industry in the north. The message of the song was clear, production and composition was on point but unfortunately the disease in the industry did not let the song trend. Maybe because it spoked against the gatekeepers of the industry. The song was produced by Flames.

6. Optional King Ft. Edem – Tamale

The TV3 Mentor reloaded winner, Optional King with Judge, Edem releasing Tamale was sure to be a banger because of the fame these two musicians have but the song failed to even make it pass the recording studios. Optional King stunning performers at the reality show and critics tipping him to break the Maccasio and Fancy Gadam dominance did not work. He is still below these two musicians when it comes to fan base in the region. That is not to say he is not good. Optional King is a very talented musician and he proved that in the TV3 Mentor reloaded competition but he is struggling to make hit single post the competition. 

7. Big Adams – Love Don’t Ask Why

Love Don’t Ask Why was supposed to be a comeback song for Big Adams of KKC fame after he took a long hiatus from music when he travelled abroad. The song did not make it past his family, friends and the DJs. It was a beautiful song that talks about love but it did not make an impact considering who he is in the industry and the fame he had prior to travelling to abroad.

8. One Nira ft. Double Tee – Gandu

Gandu by One Nira ft Double Tee explains the relationship between Nigerians and Dagombas. In this song, both musicians brought their A games. Gandu might not be the first time One Nira sings in Dagbani, his diction in the song meant, he was ready to assimilate and identify with the Dagbon culture. This makes it natural for the fan base to jam to it. This build up connection alone should have carried the song to the mainstream media. The idea of the song alone seem personal to the artist tracing his origin (Nigeria) and linking it to where he is presently staying, Dagbon and the common destiny that unite them.

9. Fad Lan ft. Ruff guy – Do Dem Do

Do dem do is an excellent piece of Dance hall tune coming from the camp of Fad Lan, the youth president and Ruff Guy. Do Dem Do is produce by the street father, Oja drumz. With these two fast rising stars in the northern region who are commanding the streets and Ojah Dramz adding his street vibes, this should have been a sure banger but unfortunately, it did not trend and has not made it to people’s playlist.

10. IsRahim – Alubarika

IsRahim is no stranger to making hit and trending song that captures both the young and the old Alubarik is no different from his previous song. The song was a master class from IsRahim. He proves his talent and understanding of music production. The song captures the mind, heart and soul and the feet as well. It got a lot of vibes in its first week but could not make it pass that.

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