Mognoriwura appeals for support to construct a junior high school

Story By:  Rahamatu-Lahi Zakaria || Sanatu Zambang

The chief of Mognori, Mognoriwura Yussif Wuya Gbanso, is appealing for support from philanthropies, organizations, and the public to come to the aid of his community, Mognori to help build a junior high school for the children.

The only school they have in their community that is responsible for the education of children is from basic one to basic six.

Speaking on behave of the Magnoriwura in Damango at a high level regional dialogue on combatting early child marriage in the Savannah Region, Abbas T. Dari, bemoan how children have to drop out of school in the community because they do not have higher education schools their community.

He said he they had a junior high school, it could motivate the children to continue with their education.

According to him, the lack of junior high school in the community is a driver for early child marriage, teenage pregnancy, and school dropouts in his community and the chief wants to help in the fight against the menace.

To end this, the Mognoriwura has started the construction of a junior high school in his community and is calling for help from organizations, philanthropies, and individuals to come to their support.

The High-Level Regional Dialogue on End Child Marriage Now ‘’it takes us all’’ was organized by World Vision and Swida-Gh on the theme Combatting Teenage Pregnancy to End Child Marriage. The event brought together, chiefs, queen mothers, Ghana education services, social welfare, religious leaders, parents as well as the West Gonja Child Parliament. 

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