Ibrahim Mustapha helps women at Songba empowerment center

Story By:  Rahamatu-Lahi Zakaria || Sanatu Zambang

Accra-based motivational speaker, Ibrahim Mustapha makes donations to Songba Empowerment Centre. The donation was made up of ten weaving machines to women learning how to weave the local clothes.

This donation came about when he interviewed the founder of the center, Wedam Rhoda who lamented the lack of machines to train the girls at her center.

This plea of hers to acquire more machines to empower young women in the region caught the attention of Ibrahim Mustapha. This subsequently led him to ask Rhoda to make an estimate for the cost of the equipment she needs for her center to economically empower the women.

This donation forms part of Ibrahim Mustapha ‘’I am Legend Legacy’’ project. The project is basically going to be done monthly to give back to the community either through empowerment and other initiatives.

He believes in the economic empowerment of young women. According to him, building these young women’s confidence and giving them something to hope for.

The Songba Empowerment Centre is a social enterprise founded by Wedem Rhoda. Speaking to Sanatu Zambang, Rhoda said she established the centre in 2014 but was able to register it in 2016.

According to her, the purpose of the center is to stop the migration of young women from the northern region to the big cities for the purpose of Kayaye.

The centre is meant trained young women in sewing and smock weaving. This is to enable them acquire some skills to start their own businesses. The women are let to go with the machine they use in leaning after graduation to help continue with their job.

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