OneNira explains why he chose to feature Abu Sadiq and Memuntu Laadi on Saha Paaya Single

Story By:  Rahamatu-Lahi Zakaria || Sanatu Zambang

One Nira latest single Saha Paaya features two well-known faces in the Northern music industry, Abu Sadiq and Memuntu Laadi. Sa Paaya talks of the coming of age and the need to find a life partner and start a family.

Speaking to Sanatu Zambang about his new single, One Nira says the song is advice to himself. According to One Nira, he has been having a lot of conversations regarding his singlehood and the fact that he is not getting younger. He needs to start his own family and these conversations led to the recording of the single., Saha Paaya.

The Dreamtym music recording artiste also said the music is not for only him but his colleagues who are still single. To add more weight to the song was why he decided to feature Abu Sadiq and Memunatu Laadi.  

‘’I decided to work with them because I needed to put a mature angle to it. A matured way of looking at it. You know, when an older person tries to advise you on something most often than not, you feel it better than when your colleagues try to tell you, you do not take it seriously’’.

One Nira

One Nira had this to say on what the experience was like working with these two artistes,

‘’It was amazing working with them. These are people who have been at the pinnacle of music in the northern region. Working with them and seeing them work and see them express themselves in music, it was thing to behold.’’

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