2020 Music Review | Top 10 songs that ruled on radio and online streams in Northern Ghana

Story By: Networq Lagfu || Sanatu Zambang

Supervised by: Rahamatu-Lahi Zakaria || Sanatu Zambang

The year 2020 began with lots of expectations and hope from musicians, industry players, and fans alike. It began with so many great things and everything was going great until Ghana recorded its first Covid-19 case that brought about the subsequent lockdown and led to the cancelation of all musical concerts in the region. Apart from airplay, musicians here are measured based on the number of fans they have like if they are able to get fans to fill up their concert venues.

2020 was different. It was all about airplay and the number of streams on the internet Northern Ghana music is one on the rise with great talent emanating from all corners in the region churning out great tunes upon great tunes.  So 2020 was all about recording music and releasing it for airplay and also going Digital. The top ten songs that ruled on radio and online streams in the Northern Region include…..

1. Kum – Wizchild The Ghanaian musician is popularly known as Wizchild, had a special 2020. He releases lots of singles. However, his biggest song in 2020 is perhaps the release of  ‘’Kum’’. The widely played song came with a video. Within a short time, the song becomes an instant hit and getting views on YouTube each day.

2.Asadaachi – De Donzy Asadaach by De Donzy featuring Fancy Gadam is another hit song that people grove to in all places. Asadaachi enjoyed massive airplay and was accepted by the majority of the populace. The single came with a video. ” The song is a great tune that talks about paying a lady’s Bride price. Asadaachi currently, has over 180,000 views on YouTube and is played at every wedding ground in the northern region.

3.Gungunlelgu – Don Sigli Gungunlelgu from Don Sigli recent album,  “Pagli” which was released in November 2020 is a massive hit song in the region. Once again, Don Sigli Gungunlegu is a statement from the musician that, he is great when it comes to songwriting. He captures both the young and old in this classic tune.  

4.Why Me – Don Ziggy Don Ziggy real name Ibrahim Saddlan is another uprising star from the eastern corridor of northern Ghana. With his latest song “Why Me” a sensational hit afro drill song that put the musician into the limelight.  Though the song gained lots of grounds in the northern part. I wish he will do a remix with any of the A-list artists down here. For instance  Double  T, Fancy Gadam, Fadlan, Maccasio, Gonga, Don Sigli.

5. Life Too Short – Fad Lan Fadlan is a household name in the music industry, and one of the top rising and trending new generation act. 2020 has seen him release an album with several songs, one of the most trending being Life too short. Life too short is a storytelling song with great and catchy lyrics that resonate with the younger generation. It’s been played everywhere like at parties and nightclubs.

6. Fancy Gadam – Fancy Gadam The name Fancy Gadam need no introduction to many. Fancy Gadam has been up with his game since he came into the scene. He has released several hit songs this year. However, what he is most popular for in the year 2020 is his self-titled song “Fancy Gadam.” A track he released this year and got talked about by many celebrities and shared by following artists including the self-acclaimed African dancehall king, shatta Wale.

7. Ko Yua – Maccasio Ko Yua is another top hit single by Maccasio, the song talks about how guys neglect and start treating ladies bad after winning the heart. Guys who are rude to women they sleep with aren’t jerks. They’re sexist, despite feminism almost universally embraced.

8.Alubarika – IsRahimAlubarika by IsRahim is everything that makes a great song from the lyrics to the vocals. It is a  great tune to listen to if you feel low in your field of hustle. The lyrics are so inspiring.

9.Ndini – Don Sigli Ft Fadlan x WizchildNdini has proven to everyone that Don sigli is talented and he is not a one-hit artiste. The track features young artists, Fad Lan and WizChild. It has all the vibes that make every song lover grove to it at parties, weddings, and private gatherings.

10.Bia – Wiz Child 2020 is surely a great year for Wizchild. WizChild is a great vocalist who always delivers every time whether been featured on a song or releases a track by himself. He has several hit singles to his name. Recently, Bia is one of the top trending songs which was released in 0ctober 2020.

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