Sheini Hills Nostalgia | Not my balls (Vasectomy)


According to Rob Stein men are notoriously skittish about tinkering with their sexuality and many cling to the misconception that vasectomies reduce sexual prowess and enjoyment

Mandeeya returns from a community engagement with Marie Stopes Ghana. She learns about vasectomy. Enjoy the rebuttals as she tries to convince Mba Sayibu to get a vasectomy.

Sheini Hills, a farming community in Tatale hills around Zabzugu lives Mba Sayibu and his wife Mandeaya. The community has been lacking behind in many areas of development and the community is proudly deep-rooted in its rich traditional culture, social values, and norms. In this fictional drama, Mba Sayibu is one of the royals in Zabzugu married to Mandeaya and they have eight children.

Historically, Tatale hills are where the adventurous Yaa Naa Nyagsi, son of Naa Shitobu and grandson of Naa Gbewaa died after defeating the Tindana (Chief Priest).

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