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I have been through a lot, at some point I taught DJs didn’t like my music because I wasn’t getting the needed airplay but one has to be patient in everything you do. You hear certain things and you get very angry but I had to stay mute because it’s not worth it.

Things are changing now, DJs play my songs.

LifeTooShort album hit 182 on Apple top 200 music a week after the launched, this is possibly the first time an album from the North hit such a milestone.

Every milestone I achieve, I remember Peter Maxwell and I pray for him. He sacrificed a lot for me.

Fad Lan

Ahead of election 2020, Fad Lan admonished the youth to vote wisely, he called on the youth to vote for people who will build a progressive community for all and as youth we should also be concerned about what kind of development is happening in our communities.

Sometimes we just sit and watch contractors put up unnecessary and dangerous speed rums on our roads. Let’s get ourselves involved in the development of our communities.

Fad Lan
We’ve seen Fadilan’s yet to see Don’s. I hope Don’s hit above because he has had dope songs on the album. Both albums to me have diverse targets. I would say Fadilan’s have this more street vibe and Don’s is more like for the matured minds I would say kind of for everyone
KingHassan Ib Justice Fm DriveTime Host
”The entertainment industry is a very big one that can generate billions of Ghana cedis and give employment to a large number of people especially the youth. Northern region especially Tamale has the potential to create a vibrant entertainment hub in the country that can be the envy of everyone. We have loyal fans who are ready to pay and go to concert so how do we do to maintain these fans interest.” – Zakaria Rahama
“The whole of Ghana, no artist works harder than Northern musicians. They have people who manage their travel expenses, they have contacts in and outside the country whom they can rely on for shows and events, endorsement deals, and the company’s support and sponsor their shows. In Tamale, we don’t have sponsors, everything is coming from us.” — Maccasio
’’ What is even hurtful is that they are not the people removing physical cash. There is an investor. So, once you are making a budget and you are inflating figures for your own gains try to make provision for the struggling artists.  But at the end of the day, you want to add the little the artistes are going to gain to yours. Why?’’
Jamal Bamba
‘’ Their minds are in music. They want to live the stardom that their mentors are living, copying their mentors’ style without inventing. north here, the guys are limited to the kind of mentors we have here. Talent dey but you have to do more.’’

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