The need to create our own entertainment hub in Tamale | Zakaria Rahama

Story: Rahamatu-Lahi Zakaria || Sanatu Zambang

Why we need to create our own entertainment hub in Tamale.
We are always complaining of not been invited to the Table but instead of waiting to be invited, why not create our own Table.

The table at the national stage is already occupied and getting a seat there from this part of the country is going to be a hectic one. Even when you get a seat there, you will need a miracle to remain if not, your seat will be taken away from you.

The entertainment industry is a very big one that can generate billions of Ghana cedis and give employment to a large number of people especially the youth. Northern region especially Tamale has the potential to create a vibrant entertainment hub in the country that can be the envy of everyone. We have loyal fans who are ready to pay and go to concert so how do we do to maintain these fans interest.

In 2015 we saw how Tamale was in the news when it comes to entertainment. The whole country was looking at how we embrace our own and go all out to support them. This brought attention to Tamale and the entertainment industry.

The creme dela creme in the entertainment industry were now organizing shows in Tamale and collaborating with local stars. During that period, we saw Ananse Entertainment coming here to scout for actors to feature in their movie, Azali which happens to be Ghana first feature film submitted for an Oscar.

The likes of Fancy Gadam, Maccasio, Don Sigli and others also did features with other southern base artistes. But this enthusiasm that characterize the growing of the industry has suddenly dwindle and it keeps dwindling each passing day in the region. We need to sustain and grow the industry again for job creation and also preserving of our culture.

The sustaining and growing of the industry should be a collective thing from both the industry players and and city authorities. Now we do not have well structured plan on how we want the industry to develop.

But to do this, we need all industry players to put their selfish interest aside and think of the greater good of Tamale entertainment industry. This redevelopment of the sector is not just going to be building around few individuals but rather a collective so there can be continuity in the growth and development of the sector.

We all as industry players need to come together to start thinking of drawing up a plan on how the industry should be structured and how we want it to go. If not we will be seating as individuals unconcern and fighting each other for supremacy as to who is the king or ruler.

While this thing is happening, we lose our seat at the national level and also lose our seat at our own house because people from outside are going to come to create our industry for us and be Kings and Queens. They will chose who seat on the table and who should not seat on the table. We have seen it.

All over the world those who saw the vision and the worth of the industry developed it and are now enjoying the fruits of their labor. They are called the gatekeepers. They dictate who gets what and who should not get what.

It takes a great deal from someone who is not in that circle or have relation with someone in that circle to make it in the entertainment sector. So lets not become spectators in our own home while foreigners come to be the citizens in our city.

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