Best of 2020 | Eminent youth leaders shed light on significant issues pertaining to Northern Ghana

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LYNCHING OF WITCHES In Ghana: Continuous discussion on the lynching of Madam Akua in Salaga.

To deny the existence of witchcraft is impossible, and to kill or lynch them is a crime against humanity. How do we move forward to address spirituality and at the same time be scientific driven?

After the largest opposition party in the country named a woman as a vice presidential candidate, there has been a lot of debate as to whether Ghana is ready for a female to occupy such position from both sexes.

Some believe we are not ready which I believe is a misogynistic comment to make in the first place. It not about the gender of the person but the capability of that person.

Sanatu Zambang Talking Politics and Policies program brought in Hajia Hafsat Sey Sumani a gender activist, Hajia Rabi from the new patriotic party, and Hamidatu Abdul Rahman from the national democratic congress to talk about women participation in politics, how we can increase the number and the barriers that hinder women from getting into politics.

” When you talk about female members of parliament not catching the luxury tax on sanitary pads, now you have to ask yourself, what kind of women do we have in parliament?

That’s why we need proper representation, we need women from all works of life representing us in leadership. Anger is a legitimate response to any form of discrimination.

I think there is often a misunderstanding when we talk about gender issues. There is this kind of personalization of issues that I think does a disservice to it. We are talking about systems here, it is not about men doing something. It s about the system in place.

When we talk of the patriarchal system some of the most ardent supporters, most of the ardent defenders of patriarchal systems are women ” — Umar MF

This believe eventually made her win the elections. According to her, women need not attach any gender identity when contesting for an election. They need to see themselves as individuals with messages that can convince people to vote for them.

Though she is in support of women going in for elections, but she also had this to say with women letting political parties use them to play gender politics for the sake of power. She said they should be ready for gender specific insult.

”Were you brought in based on gender to get something out of it. If that is why you were brought in, then that is going to be the center for concentration”.

Zeinab Denderi

‘’We do what the fans want, if we manage to produce a nationwide hit song, which our fans don’t really jam to, we are going to flop in our home region, and at the same time spending money trying to promote it in the southern region. When we organize shows in the southern region, it’s our very own people in Agbogbloshie who will come and fill our shows, and sometimes fans from the Northern region will journey to Accra to attend the show.’’


From a fan perspective, you think everything is rosy for artistes to make a hit song and trend nationwide without actually seeing the struggles that artists go through to get airplay for it to trend nationwide especially for northern artistes.

We are quick to criticize and point out the flaws of these artistes without looking at the hurdles they have to jump. Entertainment pundits in Northern Region usually make a mistake of trying to compare southern artistes and northern artistes in terms of how their works are played nationwide.

It was an all-girls affair at the maiden edition of the Walewale Startup pitch summit in Walewale on Saturday, 12th September 2020 as a ”Team build” won on the day to give them the chance to represent Walewale in Accra at the national startup pitch summit if they are able to make it pass the incubation stage with the first runner up, team Umbran.

“As an SHS graduate coming from a neighboring community called Nayuoko and with no laptop in the community to even learn about I.T, am so excited to have gotten access to a laptop and also create a web page on my own. Now through this skill acquired, most of the girls in the community can benefit from me because I will be sharing with them what I’ve learned.” – Miriam Azum

Miriam Azum

Engrossed in arts, the artist’s style of work includes translating Akan proverbs, idioms, legends, myths, etc. into paintings, theatre plays, animations, and sculptures. Agyemang Osei tries to explain everyday expressions into comprehensible forms through his paintings and other arts. He tells his own life story and experience through art.

The exhibition which is set to be running until March 2021, will see people troop in from all parts of the country and beyond. Speaking to the audience at the opening of the exhibition, Dr. Agyeman revealed that, his mum conceived him in Tamale and coming back to Tamale after several years to do an art exhibition especially a retrospective of his works is a humble feeling and he is grateful for such opportunity.

The need to demand money came as a result of new media. According. George Kliff, could perform with the same attire on different platforms back in the day. But with the rise of social media and fans taking pictures to upload, they cannot get away with it. These same presenters who will seat on the radio to criticize them for using one attire for multiple shows are the same people who will not pay them to be able to get attire to perform.

‘’A time came we said even if you will not pay us but please take care of our costume and that one too is a problem. You want me to come and perform free for you and there is camera all over taking shots. You cannot wear it again on any platform. These same people will discuss you on Saturday how you are performed with old costume.’’

George Kliff

Still, on the power shift, Fanta Face saysThey say they will not play northern artistes’ songs on the radio again because they promoted them and the artistes do not respect them again.

They should be mindful of that. If they stop playing the artistes song on the radio, people are going to stop listening to the radio but the artistes have their following on social media. They can create online radio and the fans can come and listen to his/her music. The artiste can turn to a presenter and says what they want to say’’

Jamal Bamba

When it comes to promotion, there are a lot of options for them. They can seat at the comfort of their homes and distribute their music using digital platforms.

These digital platforms have given artists the opportunity to be heard across the world without having to travel around to promote their songs.

Speaking at the Art Exhibition, Ms. Mahamuda said it was necessary to attend the event since fine art and clothing & textiles go together. She said she was amazed by how people have embraced the event and how its organizers have been able to put up such an amazing craft.

Theresa Ankomah who was also present said she came to Tamale purposely for the Exhibition, even though she had been to Tamale twice or thrice. She said Ibrahim’s efforts give her hope for being able to open up such a big space for art.

Theresa also expressed her happiness about the fact that despite the many people who took part to make the exhibition successful, Ibrahim was been able to recognize the efforts of everyone, no matter how meager their contribution.

In a demoralizing ecosystem where artistes have to swim all by themselves offshore, one person has been and is trying to change the narrative. In 2019, the Ghanaian artist Ibrahim Mahama founded the Savannah Centre for Contemporary Art in Tamale, the capital of the Northern Region of Ghana.

Dr. Bernard Jackson, who was also at the Ibrahim Mahama public lecture series inside Nkrumah secret ‘dungeon’ in Tamale on Friday engaged the audience briefly on the need to save art spaces and legacies lived behind by visionaries.

Ibrahim said he hopes to build a future from the history left behind by people who had a great vision about society. He believes our past if brought to this present day, can give us an opportunity to redirect our future to an amazing experience.

As a creative artist, Ibrahim Mahama did not leave out the fact that the way we think affects how we do things. This he said that, by his weird imaginations, he hopes to bring those abstract thoughts to life in his works

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This documentary features part of Ibrahim Mahama lecture which took place at the rediscovered Nkrumah Silo (Nkrumah Voli) the presentation of Ibrahim was on the theme “finding memories within the void”

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