Northern Music is not Dead: It’s rising like the Phoenix – OneNiara & Gaffachi

Gaffachi Payment and OneNaira praised their fans for adapting to digital technology thus the use of online sites to watch their videos, listen to their music, and engaging them on their social media handles.

Gaffachi praised Fadi Lan for reviving Hip Pop in Northern Ghana whiles OneNaira also stressed on how digital technology has leveled the Northern Music Industry and helping musicians track their streaming numbers.

“My empire song is different from the usual Tamale trend of music but take it 5years ago, if I had made that song, people would have said it’s not a nice song.

5years ago if you didn’t do the kpa kpa song DJs wouldn’t play it because they feel like it will not enter into their mixing and it was really affecting the creativity of the industry and everyone was doing the same thing” — OneNaira


“At first we thought only DJs can promote us, but now that’s not the case. We have a new breed of fans and they like to explore different music genres unlike the old days DJs dictate which music fans should listen to.

These days everything is online, fans go to music sites and stream. On selling of CDs, most of our fan base can access music streaming sites, so that’s why we mostly prefer online sharing than sales of CDs.” — Gaffachi


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