Sheini Hills Nostalgia | Wunpini’s dream, our nightmare


Sheini Hills is a farming community in Tatale hills around Zabzugu lives Mba Sayibu and his wife Mandeaya. The community has been lacking behind in many areas of development and the community is proudly deep-rooted in its rich traditional culture, social values, and norms.

Historically, Tatale hills are where the adventurous Yaa Naa Nyagsi, son of Naa Shitobu and grandson of Naa Gbewaa died after defeating the Tindana (Chief Priest).

In this fictional drama, Mba Sayibu is one of the royals in Zabzugu married to Mandeaya and they have eight children, their daily lives begin to take a whole new turn and becomes more complicated when their daughter Wunpini starts to take up traits of feminism and radical approach to situations she feels is not right.

Mba Sayibu is a staunch critic of women aspiring for leadership positions, he believes too much power makes women wild and dangerous. He asks his community elders and youth to vote against the female parliamentary candidate.

Suddenly Mba Sayibu favorite daughter Wunpini is interested in the position of Senior Prefect of their community high school. The position of the Senior Prefect is usually occupied by male students for decades.

Supporting her daughter become the first female Senior Prefect in the community and the school means that he’s automatically endorsing the female parliamentary candidate in their community.

Don’t disgrace yourself and our daughter. She can only be the Senior Prefect if she was a male child. Stop treating her like she’s a male child.

Mandeaya (Mba Sayibu Wife)

Will a father’s love for her daughter change his beliefs about the role of a woman in society?

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