HearMeRoarrr Poetry Night: Amateur performing artist, Teiyah hopeful to soar beyond the horizons

Zakaria Abdul Hakim Cisse || Sanatu Zambang SDGs Live Report

Naturally passionate about reading & writing as well as business, Mariam Teiyah has a diploma certificate in Development Education from the University for Development Studies.

In her quest to solve societal problems and break barriers of women’s marginalization in the decision process, she finally embraced poetry last year and seeks to use it as a tool of development and self-realization.

As an amateur performing artist, Teiyah is hopeful that the years ahead will see her soar beyond the horizons of the North. With her newfound passion (poetry), she is planning on switching her career towards literary art possibly in the near future.

Mariam would be featured in our #HearMeRoar poetry night event at the forecourt of Sanatu Zambang studios.

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