REMAKE OF OLD MOVIES: The good old days

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Can you remember Sagri Gungon ? What about Nabala and the good old days that united a whole community as a family to watch and discuss these movies. If you were lucky to have a TV set in your house, it becomes an automatic cinema house. Yes, those where interesting times when most households did not have a personal TV set at home.

Can one get those movies to watch again or we have lost those data? We need those movies to tell future generations how we started our industry and how far we have come as an industry. But it will also help us to celebrate our stars and give them the needed recognition they deserve for being the trailblazers of the industry.

I know people do not like to hear remakes. But the remake is not about trying to correct the mistake of the old movies but it is about reliving the nostalgic moment with a new generation who never saw the original but this time with a fresh cast.

I am making this post in connection to the development of the northern movie industry. We can start to revamp the industry and cinema-going by remaking our old movies. I for one would like to go watch Sari Gunko again.

Can you remember any iconic scene from the movie? Mine is the place he was shot as a child, that transition to adulthood was epic. What this remake of an old movie can also do is introduce new talents and resurrect people dead career into the industry.

Take Disney remake of Aladdin. Mena Massoud is the new talent that was used while Naomi Scott coming back again to the limelight. Naomi Scott who featured in Disney Lemonade Mouth Movie has since been on the low before the casting of Aladdin but the remake of Aladdin has brought these people to the limelight again for people to see their talents.

This is also a chance to shine for an entirely new generation of writers, designers, animators, special effects artists, and other behind-the-scenes roles. There is a huge chance that these new production crew grew up watching the original.

It will be unfair to them to deny them the opportunity of working on these movies because of the sentimental attachment people have of the movies and do not want it to be remade.

Remake also create attention for itself. In remaking movies, the media and general public already know the story and the detail and that is where the marketing starts for the movie producers. Because journalist and the public would like to know the cast for the movie, the costume and other things that would make up the movie. It is going to be self-promotion on all new media platforms.

There is already a market for it. For the success of the original movie, people would like to watch it again and relive those moment again. This ready market will be the cash flow for the producers of the movies to recoup their capital and also and make profit.

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