Sanatu Zambang host creative researcher in Tamale

Story: Rahamatu-Lahi Zakaria || Sanatu Zambang Newsroom

Over the last few years, Sanatu Zambang has hosted people in its studios especially people in the art sector and June was no exception.

Efo Sela from the Nafti, who is doing his doctorial course in the creative art industry use the studio to conduct his interviews and research about the creative art industry in the north with help from Sanatu Zambang team.

As a growing media house in Tamale, Sanatu Zambang has been able to position itself as a youthful and a creative environment that young people can come and learn as well as open to outsiders who wants to know more about the creative environment in the region.

Efo Sela research had to do with the creative art industry, the market, the business opportunities, the hindrance, the policies and the help that people in the creative art industry need to thrive.

The category of people that were interviewed included actors, artists, musicians, movie producers and distributors, fashion designers and entertainment journalists.

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