There were certain moments I wish I could divide myself into ten | Mandeiya M Michael

Unconventional with Mohammed Abdul Raafi will bounce back in July and the first guest is starring Mandaya Michael. Michael talks about being a first-time dad detailing the moment his wife told him she was pregnant to the delivery as he stood by her side to welcome their first son, Mandeiya Faiz into the world. He also narrates his journey into the photography profession from being an iPhone repairer.

As a photographer, Michael also praised how photography has changed the narrative of the northern region in the last 6 years and what the future holds for the region in terms of photography. But he was also quick to add how Dagbon missed a golden opportunity to document our history during the coronation of Ya Naa Abubakari II.

According to him, Photography is an integral part of telling and preserving our history and Dagbon traditional council should make it part of the protocol at the functions.

‘’There were certain moments I saw and I wish was ten. I wish I could divide myself into ten because there were certain moment I saw, trust me, those moments even if they rewind things, on that same day, they cannot happen again. At a moment I could see so many things and they were all golden.

They were moment that I saw that will never happened again. While I was shooting this, I was looking at another ones. I was just shooting and at the same time they were so many things going on and so many people blocking me and covering my shots. I was looking at those moment and picturing the years to come, century to come. That is what I was looking at. ’’

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