Rural Women Rise and Claim your Basic Right to sustainable Development-SDG Agenda 2030

Story By:  Rahamatu-Lahi Zakaria || Sanatu Zambang

SWIDA-GH and WFP celebrate rural women in Zogu

For the International Day of Rural Women, Savannah Women Integrated Development Agency and World Food Programme were in the Zogu community in the Nanton district to celebrate rural women and reiterate the importance of their work in building communities.

The day which on under the theme ‘’ Rural Women Rise and Claim your Basic Right to sustainable Development-SDG Agenda 2030’’ was held at the chief palace on the 15th of October, 2021. In attendance at the event included women groups that SWIDA-GH is working with, men, opinions leaders and other members of the community.

The speakers from SWIDA-GH included Miss Khadija Abdul Samed and Mr Mummeen. They talked of the work that women were doing in the community that needed to be appreciated while also calling on all the stakeholders in the community to support women in their farming activities as well as on businesses these women are engaged in.

The celebration was part of activities in anticipation of the official launch of the project ‘Sustainable Livelihoods for Improved Food Security and Nutrition.

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The project which is in partnership with the World Food Programme aims to empower women farmers to be economically resilient to withstand food and nutrition security shocks through value chain activities in crops, Shea plantation and agroforestry as complementary income-generating ventures.

It also aims to improve equitable access of women and girls to social services. The project is to be implemented in the Northern and Savannah Regions. The launch is slated for October 19 in Damango

Some of the women thanked the organisers of the event saying this was the first time that people have come to their community to celebrate them and also talked about the importance of women in shaping their communities. Another person also made an appeal for the organisation to support them with capital to start and scale up their business.

The men on the other hand thanked the organisers for the initiative and pledge to help the women but were quick to add that, SWIDA-GH should help the men in the community in their empowerment activities. According to them, the men were also lacking behind and it will be good if they all move together.

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