BreakFast Live S1E7 | The rise of HIV AIDS infections among the youth. | Tua Fouzia Alhassan

 Rahamatu-Lahi Zakaria || Sanatu Zambang

Sexual and reproductive health rights and responsibilities

Age-appropriate information

‘’ I have always said this, any intervention that targets only the girl child without their guardian is likely going to fail. Because when you give the information to the child where are they going to practice it? So if you gather a group of girls, they come for a summit then they tell them, you have the right to information on your sexual reproductive health rights. You need to use a condom when you are having sex and then the girl will go and buy a condom and put it in their bag and get home and unfortunately, the mother searches the bag and finds the condom. Can you imagine what will happen?’’

Fauzia Tua Alhassan

‘’So any sexual health education that focuses on only the girl child without the parents is going to fail. And that is how come we are still here with so many interventions in empowering young people and are still getting pregnant, getting an infection and unsafe abortion. So NGOs and government interventions that seek to address the issues of sexual reproduction health, it is very important when we are going into intervention you target four main people. One is the school management people, so you can look at the school management committee. The PTA and the leadership of the school, so GES is very important,’’

Fauzia Tua Alhassan

‘’The second group of people you have to look at are our traditional leaders. You need to get them to understand and I am not telling you to go in and tell them that, their practice of child marriage is terrible so we are here to tell you that you should stop pushing children to marry. They will sack you. You need to approach them by appreciating their values, what led to children been forced to marry and why there is a change and they must try to make that adjustment. so what I use to do, I go to the community and I tell them. So your time as a mother.  Did you have a telephone, she will say no, did you have a television, no. was there technology, no. now is there a television? Do you watch TV, yes? Sometimes the things you see on TV does it scare you

Fauzia Tua Alhassan

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