My father agreed to me becoming a referee but my sisters did not | Fuseini Mariam

‘’What I have to tell my fellow women in sport is that, I had admission to UDS through sports. My first admission fees was paid through sports. Rizious, RFA chairman. I want to tell my colleagues that they should not let someone tell them that they cannot do something and she will accept that person judgment of her capabilities. If you have aim of doing something, step ahead and see if it will happen or not. ‘’

Fuseini Mariam

‘’You see the men or even our fathers, they see every decision by women not to be the right thing. Whatever she decides they don’t see it to be relevant. But they forgets that girls open up to their mothers than they do their fathers.  So if he should let the woman contribute, the woman is able to table the worries of the child to the father so they can use it to help both parties. If the child wanted to go to school and the father wants to give her out in marriage, the mother too know what the child wants. So if the father gives the woman the chance to add her little to the conversation, they will come out with the best solution for child’’.

Fuseini Maraim

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