Quest for knowledge amidst disability: Fridaus hopes to become a teacher

Story By:  Abdul-Hakim Zakaria || Sanatu Zambang

Despite born disabled, young Firdaus will not let go his quest for knowledge. The Primary pupil at the Zangbalun E/A basic school lives with his grandmother in Zangbalun, a suburb of the Northern Region. Despite his condition, he crawls in stones, mud and sun to attend classes each day.

Before Firdaus gets to class, his feet, palms uniform get dirtied, but he’s relentless. On days that he can’t make it, his grandmother personally carries young Firdaus to class. This daily routine of the young child caught the attention of his teachers. Interestingly, when asked what he wanted to become in the future, Firdaus didn’t mention becoming a medical doctor, engineer or whatever.

He said he wanted to be a teacher one day. He sees teaching as a way of reaching out to many and encouraging others like him not to see their condition as a setback, but a sorcial gift from God. Fortunately, Firdaus was given a wheelchair by the kind courtesy of HERPol Africa, an NGO that operates on the anchors of education, health, resrarch and policy.

The support came after one of Firdaus’ teachers posted the condition of the child on social media and fortunately, CEO of Herpol-Africa, Dr. Osman Dufailu saw the status and promise he’ll support the child. This new development will only be a step for him to fulfill his dream of becoming a teacher while improving on himself.

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