HERPol Africa supports disabled student in Zangbalun E/A Primary School

Story By:  Abubakari Zulaiha || Sanatu Zambang

A disabled child at Zangbalun E/A Primary School remains relentless towards education even with his condition. Firdaus lives with his grandmother in the Zangbalun community.

“Every single day, Firdaus comes to school whether rain or shine”.

Said his class teacher. His movement is by crawling. As a result, his uniform and hands are always dirty which makes his books dirty too when writing. Sometimes, his grandmother personally brings him to school. She believes that one day her grandson will become a great person of influence and status.

It is very common among people in especially rural communities who have disabled children, to rather take them to streets to beg than to be sent to school. Most people believe that once you are disabled, you can never become what a physically upright person can be thereby warranting that you become a begger.

Firdaus wants to be a teacher in future and truly, he works hard to achieve his dreams. His unique talents is his beautiful and clear hand writing and his ability to draw. Teacher of Firdaus was very happy hearing him mention that he wants to become a teacher.

This, he said is now rare to hear among young growing students. A non governmental organization founded by Dr. Osman Dufailu; HERPol-Africa came to the aid of Firdaus by donating to him a wheelchair that will aid his movement to and from school.

The teachers at Zangbalun E/A primary school and the head teacher at the Junior High School level, together with their assemblymember received the aid and thanked the organization on behalf of Firdaus and the school for their kind gesrure. Iddrisu Abdul Malik who is a volunteer at HERPol-Africa and also a teacher at the school, took a short video of less than thirty seconds and posted on his WhatsApp status seeking for support for Firdaus.

The teachers and students couldn’t hide their excitement when they received the help. The teachers believe that Firdaus has always been hardworking and serious about his education and they hope to see more of his hardwork and dedication to fulfill his dream of becoming a teacher in the future.

The kind gesture by HERPol-Africa to Firdaus will serve as a strong message and a motivation to both parents of disabled children and their wards that being disabled does not render one in adequate.

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