I was expecting the organization to push the song (enough) | Flamez expressed his disappointment

Story By:  Rahamatu-Lahi Zakaria || Sanatu Zambang

After producing Enough song for NORSAAC to campaign in ending all forms of gender and sexual based violence at all level, the sound engineer, Flamez has expressed his disappointment at the organization for not pushing the song to do the work that it was meant to do.

Speaking on Sanatu Zambang Hotspot Live, Flamez said he had fun working on that song and the female musicians that was ensemble to work on the theme song were good and professional. His disappointment came when he did not see the song take over the town with the powerful messages that each of these females had to say on the song.

‘’From the organization I wasn’t seeing any move. I even design the cover myself. It is cool, I was expecting the organization to push it on TV and radio. To create the awareness with the music because that is what can carry out the information they want to send as compared to if they were to be going round.’’

‘’I think they relax on that. Next time when a project comes that way, while we are preparing for the project, we should also prepare for the post production’’. He added.

Flamez who doubles as a nurse again had this to say when asked if he were to choose between nursing and sound engineering ‘’Very soon I am going to make a very big decision. I don’t know yet. I could have made that decision long time but we are in Africa. I think if I was in the south, I would have made the very big decision by now.

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