Sulemana Abdul Rauf | Redefining youth politics in the northern region

Rahamatu-Lahi Zakaria || Sanatu Zambang Editorial

The last time I had a conversation with Sulemana Abdul Rauf was in 2020 few months before the general elections where his political party won. We discussed his defeat in the NPP parliamentary primaries in the Kumbungu constituency. He talked about the lessons he learned and the way forward for him with regards to his political ambition as well as his vision for the youth of this country.

His composure and demeanor were breathtaking. His take on topics especially narrowing it down to youth involvement in politics was admirable. Governor as he is affectionately called by his peers spoke passionately about how he wants to use himself to redefine youth participation in politics and a seat at the table where decisions are made.

For Governor, the development of this country will only be possible if the youth of this country seat at the table where policies are formulated and implemented. This he says can only happen if the youth put themselves up for election hence his decision to contest the parliamentary primaries in Kunbungu under the NPP colors.

It came with no surprise to me when I heard the news that, he was contesting for the post of District chief executive officer in Kumbungu district. His decision and the courage to contest is enough for the appointment committee to give it to him to lead a new generation of politics and governance at the local level. Most of all, it shows this government believes in the youth of this country to lead especially in the north. This move by him will go a long to inspire hope in a lot of people to dream and take the necessary risk to achieve their dreams.

His confirmation will go a long way to positively change the thinking of the youth with regards to the political appointment and instill new hope in the youth that, they are capable of leading in the development of their communities. That, their position in the political setup is not just to be errands boys for the old men and also serial callers but that, they can also be the ones to call the shots if only they take the chance to aspire to run for political positions.

Another positive thing that his confirmation will seek to do is to change our way of leadership at the district level. With his youthful exuberance and as a tech-savvy person, Governor is going to bring more innovative policies and approaches to usher Kumbungu into a new era of possibilities. Possibilities that the youth of the district is going to the champion.

Among many things that his administration will seek to do is to prove to the larger population that, the youth are capable of leading in the developmental agenda of their community. He has everything to lose if his administration fails. For that matter, he is not going to make room for failure. He is going to harness a lot of collaboration for his administration to be successful.

Collaboration and volunteering is his hallmark. He has volunteered in a lot of youth-centered programs and volunteered for organizations that help in the development of the youth. Governor is born with a passion to drive change in the community. His passion for politics has seen him participate in student politics and also helped others contest for positions.

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So yes his appointment as the next district chief executive for Kumbungu will be historic, one that will change the narrative of youth participation in politics and inspire new generation of youth who are not afraid to dream big.

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