#sanatuzambangHotspotLive | is it compulsory for artists to take their music to DJs?

When it comes to music promotion and radio airplay, both DJs and musicians play the blame games. Artists accuse DJs of not going to their digital platforms to download music the way they do for other artists who are not in the region. They expect such treatment should be done to them.

In the same light, DJs also expect the artists to bring their CDs to them for play. Which is which and how can we come to a consensus that benefits both parties. Episode 4 of Sanatu Zambang Hotspot Live delves into the network February editorial ‘’ the songs that failed to make it onto the limelight.

The clique made of Networq, Rahama, Jamila, and Prince Barak in their attempt to analyze the editorial and understand why certain songs did not make it to the limelight mentioned the power of radio and DJs in the promotion of music in the region.

Networq Who comes from a music background questioned why DJs will advocate for artists to put their music on digital platforms but will not go there and download their music but will rather download songs of other artists who are not in the region.

But Jamila was of a different opinion, her point was that ‘’people are arrogant at their work. They want you to accord them with respect. When you realized that, this strategy work in the society, then you have to go with the flow’’.

Prince Barack in his contribution said ‘’there is a difference between playing music on the radio and promoting the song’’ which he believes musicians fail to understand and this mistake they do affect them in the growth of their music career.

Rahama also added that musicians do not value the mobile DJs we have in the promotion of music in the industry. She stated that artists in drawing up plans for their music promotional activities do not count these categories of DJs but ‘’these people are good in their own way because some of us get to know the new songs in town during occasions like weddings, naming ceremonies, etc.’’

Networq again expressed his disappointment in Big Adam’s comeback song ‘’Love doesn’t ask why’’. For Networq his disappointment comes from the fact that he held the musician high and he coming back into the music scene means churning out the great hits he did back then but unfortunately the story was different. ‘’I thought they were hitting us harder like the way they did back then. I thought they were coming back with some serious hip-pop but they were not able to maintain the standard that they had set’’.

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