Wiz Child explains the reasons for the features in Tamale We Dey

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Episode 3 of Sanatu Zambang HotSpot Live saw WizChild joining the gang made up of Jamila, Network, and Rahama to talk about his latest EP, Tamale We Dey and also playing the game of dices.

WizChild in the conversation disclosed to the team that, his latest EP, Tamale We Dey is meant to tell foreigners what Tamale has and what is happening there. Tamale We Dey EP contains features with great upcoming artistes across the north.

For him doing this features meant a great deal to him because he was tired of being the only one performing at events and occasion. According to WizChild, this scenario was not inspiring him and he needed his brothers to be there for him and so he can also be there for them.

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‘’Of late it is just me alone they call for programs. Sometimes I go for a program and I am the only artiste in the program. I don’t like it that way because I am not seeing my brothers. Like who is going to inspire me backstage. You can say my team is there but that is my team. You see every day, if someone keeps telling you something, you get fed up.

Though I am not fed up with my team. But you know seeing someone new, who communicates with you and tells you, if you climb the stage, you have to rock it. It inspires me. I am not seeing this thing around me. So I was like cool. Sometimes people know my song but not my face.

So should incase I feature these artists and the song blows and they want artistes to perform, certainly, they will call them. Most times when they call an artiste to perform, it is that he has released a song that is trending and he will be called to perform it. So that is why I did that. Should in case they do not see me, the other artists on the song can go and perform it at other events.

Wiz Child

Though he did not disclose which his favorite track was on the EP, his talks showed he has a soft spot for Ntaali. Ntaali he says is about him and has asked music lovers to look out for that track.

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