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Created and Produced by Abdul Raafi Mohammed

Hotspot Live is a weekly interactive sister talk show on Sanatu Zambang that sheds light on lifestyle, arts, tourism, and culture. The talk show will drive its content from the Sanatu Zambang newsroom.

Season one, episode one of Sanatu Zambang Hotspot live kick started with four unique personality cohosting the talk show. Jamila, Prince Barack, Network Lagfu and Rahama took on the February editorial of Sanatu Zambang’’ top ten songs that trended.’’ They also talked about the relevant of music video in the promoting arts and culture in the northern region.

In this week’s episode which is the first episode of the show, we gathered some highlights from the episode titled Hotspot Live | Why we love wizchild

‘’ Here you are very wrong. When it comes to fashion you don’t need a big wardrobe. You don’t need all the clothing in Tamale for people to see you. Fashion is all about what you have and how you are able to blend it. I can buy something for one cedi, wear it and you will be wondering where I bought the clothes.  It is about how you wear it. You can have plenty of clothes and you don’t know how to wear them.’’


‘’ Like I said earlier. It is child’s play. But if you look at that track, in particular, there was a child’s play in it. He could have done it more maturely. But if you come and look at it creatively, that phrase bila bora bila, it has been there. We grew up knowing that phrase. For him to have brought it into music is very creative even though I still stand by my maturity. He could have put it in a more mature way than he did. But thumbs up.’

’Prince Barak on Wiz child Bia.

‘’ For me the only music video I have seen from the north that can attract tourists is Soreebia. He has a song with one musician from the south, Akan, two strings. If you look at the way the video is shot, it is very attractive. It is very creative and you cannot watch it once without going back to re-watch it and I think apart from that, Wiyaala video also promotes tourism.’’


‘’ I see the industry to be more about individual growth rather than collective growth and if you don’t look at the collective growth, you will never see that music is related to tourism, arts, and culture. If you don’t see it as the collective thing you will never it that music is related to movies. Maybe it is time the industry starts seeing it from a family point of view.’’


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