#sanatuzambangcaféExperience | #RamadanEdition (Professor Peiligah)

“The Traditional way of preaching Islam has held us back mentally, most especially in the area of Art. Back in our days, we were told drawing living things was an act of sin and on the day of judgment, Allah will ask you to breathe life into it. And some Hadiths support this theory of thoughts but the Qur’an doesn’t and we have been thought that if the Hadiths say something that’s contradicting what the Holy Quran says then the Hadiths is wrong

The story of Prophet Suleiman/Solomon. The jins sculptured and painted beautiful artworks for him to beautify his Palace and to appreciate the magnificence of Allah’s creations but he didn’t worship the sculptures unlike the idol worshippers did with sculptures and other artistic man-made creation.” — Professor Peiligah

Professor Peiligah

Sanatu Zambang Café Experience is hosted every Saturday inside the Sanatu Zambang Studios café. Book authors, public figures in various fields, and student leaders headline the event by picking their favorite children’s book or African storybook and reads to the audience.

There are also guest headliners, from traditional storytellers to poets and spoken word artists. Musical guests, Visual artists, standup comedians, and tourists who would love to share their traveling experiences.

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