Taking the library to children in out of reach community

Story By:  Rahamatu-Lahi Zakaria || Sanatu Zambang

 As part of the activities to mark the year of literacy in the region, the board and staff of the Tamale Regional library is taking the library closer children in faraway community schools to register.

This exercise enables all irrespective of your location get a chance to read and operate a computer.  The mobile library van is stocked with books and the few laptops that the library has, are taken along to teach these underprivileged kids in the community school.

One of the beneficiary school who enjoyed the library on wheels is Gbambaya T.I Ahamadiya School in the Sagnarigu Municipality. On the 24th of March, 2021, the staff took a step to bring the library to the doorstep of pupils of Gbambaya T.I Ahamadiya School.

Among the activities that was done during the visit included borrowing of books, new registration and as well as ICT learning. The pupils were taken through some basic ICT skills like how to boot and shut down a computer and also identify parts of a computer.

Speaking to the pupil at the end of the session, the director of the northern regional Library, Mr Aaron Kuwornu reiterated the library vision to establish a readers club in the school and all the community schools that they will be visiting as part of the activities for the year of literacy.

The Gbambaya T.I Ahamadiya School is not the only school that the library have gone to compliment the ICT and reading deficit the children are lacking. In all, the library has reached out six different school in their pursuit to increase the literacy rate in the region.

With each community outreach comes with its own cost. Currently the library is running this project on their internally generated funds which is not enough to take care of the expenses.  Fuel to go to these communities is an issue, refreshment for the children as well as ICT gadgets to teach the children.  

Some of the school lack ICT gadget hence the library needs to take the few they have to these schools to demonstrate to them. Most often these gadgets are not enough and they have to per them to be able to have a successful session.

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