#sanatuzambangcaféExperience | Brazilian footballer Oscar is my idol, — I try to emulate his playing style.

Story By:  Rahamatu-Lahi Zakaria || Sanatu Zambang

My dad is my biggest support system – Shaibu Maraim Nasara

Women football is still in its infancy in the northern region. Though we have had few success stories of women making something meaningful out of football, some people are still not ready to let their girls play the beautiful game of football. But in every case, there is always the ugly duckling and that is the story Shaibu Mariam Nasara, the rising striker for Nasara Ladies Fc inside Bawa Barracks.

“My dad is a proud dagomba man, he’s very old but has, also be there for me, ever since my mum left us. He cares for all my needs and wants. When I decided to be a footballer, he supported my decision. He is too old to come to watch me play during our leagues and unity games. In the unity games, I appeared 4 times and scored 5 goals. I have been a fan of Brazilian footballer Oscar — I watch his games and I try to emulate his playing style. ”

Sayibu Nasara Mariam

Growing up in an environment where she did not have anyone to use as an example to convince her family why she want to play football, her dad was the first to embrace her choice and encourage her to continue with her dad with asking any questions.

When asked if her parents supports her dream of playing football during Sanatu Zambang Café Experience at the studios,  Nasara said her father is in full support of her dream to play football.  The only resistance came from her siblings and that is due to the household chores.  According to her. When she started going out for trainings and also playing matches, she was clashing with her siblings.

At some point her siblings challenged her to name any great female footballer who comes from the village which she could not. That nearly demoralized her but with the timely intervention of her dad, who still encouraged her to follow her dreams despite all the odds to continue to play the beautiful game of football.

Through her exploit in football, she has gain a scholarship to study at the Tamale Technical University and currently, she is playing a division one league football for Nasara Ladies fc inside Bawa Barracks, Tamale.  

Shaibu Mariam Nasara hopes that attention will be given to the female football league like we do to the men football league. She calls on the media to be fair in their reportage and also calls on the civil societies to come to the aid of female football league.

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