Dagbon has engaged the Germans in 9 battles, before the famous Adiboo dali battle

Art by 18yr old Jamal Bamba

Narrated by Malik Alshabazz

This was the reign of Naa Andani jirilondi. The Germans, who had their camp at Sansan-Mongu ( Now in Togo) tried to invade Dagbon and make it its colony, but to no avail.

They succeeded in burning Yendi three consecutive times but couldn’t stay for fear of being attacked by the ” worizohi”, who wasn’t present when these battles were fought. So in all these battles, they retreated back to Sansan-mongu.

Feeling humiliated for their inability to tame a native tribe like Dagbon, the Germans prepared for a last siege of Yendi.

This is the famous Adiboo dali battle. During this battle, Naa Andani was very old and blind, so upon consultation, he decided to broker a truce with the Germans but the chief of Gbungbaliga, Kambon-nakpem Ziblim would not have this.

According to him, the Germans will never settle in Dagbon once he’s still alive. He laid on the hills of Adiboo and waited for the Germans to approach.

The Germans by this time had already burnt down Bimbila and headed straight for Sankara-yili. Knowing the caliber of people they were to encounter, the German army came prepared. Each soldier was armed with a rifle.

This gun was new to the Dagbon people. The only gun they knew then, was the single-bar, as it is known today.

The war was bad for both sides but probably worse for the Dagbon people. Kambonnakpem Ziblim died in that battle, alongside a substantial war front of the Dagbon sapashinnima. Those who fled the battlefield, committed suicide to avoid disgrace.

The commander of the German army was killed. His remains have been kept to date. The Germans then went to Yendi and burnt it down. Fled yet again to San-San Mongu.

When Naa Andani passed on, a scuffle between Zuu Yiri ( Naa Andani first son) and Naa Alaasan Tipariga ( Son of Naa Ablai Nagbiegu) led to the invitation of the Germans, who besieged Zuu Yiri and his followers at Sang and annihilated the whole following, save few.

Savelugu Naa Dahamani (Kukarijee), Son of Naa Yakubu Nantoo and uncle of Zuu Yiri, who has earlier struck a deal with Zuu Yiri to take over as Yaa-Naa and bequeathed Savelugu to Zuu Yiri, lasted for only 2weeks on the skin.

The Germans attacked him but he disappeared and left the skins vacant. The Germans then burnt down his palace.

Naa Alaasani Tipariga then built his palace at the current location and when he died, His son Naa Aburu Satang kugli took over. When Naa Aburu Died, Naa Mahankpema ( father of the current Yaa Naa) took over.

Then Naa Mahaman bilaThen, Naa Ablai ŋmarigaThen Naa Andani Zoli kugliThen, Naa MahamaruThen Naa Yakubu AndaniAnd Now Naa Abukari Banyoli yeligu.

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