“With the help of the government, we are building an Islamic School for her” – Dr. Sahada Alolo

With the help of the government, we are building an Islamic School for her. And we the young ones are also contributing to construct a residence for the children. She does not want to move out of this area but we don’t have space for construction work here too. The school is not formalized. They don’t pay any fees and she doesn’t do any work. It’s we her children that give her money and she even uses that to feed the orphans.

Dr. Sahada Alolo

Hajia Mariam Alhassan Alolo commonly known as “Haji Mariam” is a business woman and an Islamic missionary born in Changli, a suburban area of Tamale, Ghana. She established the Mariam Islamic Center in Sabonjida in 1981 to train women preachers. Haji Mariam was a recipient of the Nana Asma’u Bint Fodio’s Award for Excellence in Promotion of Literacy in 2008 by the Al furqaan Foundation, an excellence awards organization that honors Muslim individuals and organizations in Ghana.

Sanatu Zambang Studios is releasing a series of documentary episodes of what is arguably the most inspiring and intriguing fate based story ever in Ghana. Hajia Mariam Alolo is one woman who has spread and influenced many lives through her preaching in and around Ghana. This series premieres every Friday at 10am via Sanatu Zambang Studios YouTube Channel

The Arabs came and constructed six unit classrooms with a mosque. It was also agreed with H.E Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia that they are going to construct a three-story building. Most of our children have grown to become Arabic teachers and have formal education too. Most of whom we don’t even know their parents. Our girls grow up to become responsible and morally upright in society.

Hajia Mariam Alolo

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