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The rise of women in Islam: Legacy of Hajia Mariam Alolo in Northern Ghana

I was happy about the idea, I supported it. Because it came to a time people were insulting her, they claimed she started learning after we lost our wealth, they said a lot of things, and even one of the known imams here said it once in their sermon, that we open an Arabic school after we lost our wealth, so I saw that I have to support her.

She attempted to stop at a point because they were insulting her, and criticizing the way she dressed, I told her even the Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him was stoned, so if she has faith in Allah, all those criticizing her will dress the same way in the future, that was what I told her, she can confirm it. I told her not to worry, and continue with her work, and that Allah will guide her. It came to a time people wanted to dress the same way but they didn’t have the hijab, so I had to go to lome to get the materials, sew them and distributed it to them, some wore theirs for about five and others ten years, that was how I supported them, because they wanted to dress in hijabs but they didn’t have them.

I would buy black quality materials and give them to seamstresses to sew, mostly about fifty to a hundred pieces to be distributed to her students on several occasions. This was one of the ways I supported her. At a point she had to stop running the business and concentrated more on the institution.

Alhaji Alhassan Alolo

Hajia is the one supporting me, she buys hijabs for me to sell, as well as learning the Quran and also teaching it to the young ones the little I know. We can’t pay hajia Mariam for all she has done, only Allah can do that, both in this world and the next.

The entire institution, if you come to this house and see what is going on, if you go home, you will ponder a lot on it, the population, both the young and adults, they fill the place. We are all here because of her, even with what we eat and drink is on her.

If you come to this house during Ramadan, the entire place is filled with people, we all come in to receive from her, even as we sit, each day, as early as six in the morning people knock on her door, and they are all here for assistance, and hajia will attend to all of them by the grace of God

Balmini Jabdon

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