“Sex during pregnancy or before labor is important” | Nana Fatima.

Hasana Sulemana | Sanatu Zambang News Room

During a podcast with Nana Fatima in the studios of Sanatu Zambang, Mrs. Fatima encouraged men to assist and compile with their wives during pregnancy, at labor, and after labor. She said most women face a lot of challenges’ in times of pregnancy; they experience headaches, vomiting and many other symptoms that make’s the woman uncomfortable during this times.

Mrs. Fatima is a General Nurse transitioning to a Midwife in the Savelugu Municipality. Nana Fatima said pregnancy comes in different folds depending on the woman’s hormonal levels which most husbands do not take notice of. She added that most women do not encounter any of the discomforting situations during pregnancy while others do for the whole period.

Sex during pregnancy or before labor is important

Nana Fatima

Nana Fatima entreated that husband’s of women with difficult situations during pregnancy to support their wives, she said this because men or most husbands in the Northern Region do consider women with these situations as “lazy”, meanwhile the woman is already going through a lot in that situation.

They go through situations such as not being able to eat due to the smell of the food, sleeplessness, mood swing, the feel of growing fat, and many others. Mrs. Fatima aided that men should help their wives psychologically, emotionally, and physically. She said this makes the pregnant woman feel secure.

Pregnancy is a journey

Nana Fatima

Nana Fatima spoke about her research in Libiga in the Savelugu Municipality, where most women did not attend antenatal care during and after pregnancy in 2014, so she formed a “Safe a motherhood foundation” where she gave them free antenatal care services and advice on the importance of delivery at the hospital.

Nana Fatima touched on the fact that most men do not come with their wives during labor. Adding that she said during labor where the woman is having multiple and mixed feelings of cramps and contraction from seconds to minutes to hours, most men just stay at home waiting for a phone call saying the woman has delivered. She appealed to men that, that is the time the woman needs them the most both physically and psychologically to be able to motivate the woman and show that they are in it together.

According to Nana Fatima, after labor, the woman is asked what she gave birth to before cleaning the baby for breastfeeding, the woman is then observed for six hours before discharging her from the hospital.

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